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1.  Features
This model is new generation of 2MB4140 series product which been improved for better functions and performance. It is more compact than old model and energy saving. This machine allows two operators to work together.
Using flax, cloth or PVA material for the abrasive wheel and shape to fit the work piece outline for rough and mirror polishing.
The machine is suitable for copper, aluminum, stainless steel ware. For operation, first fix the work piece to the chuck, apply suction by switch on the manual handle, adjust the travel space then press ¡°Auto reciprocate¡± button. The machine start running. When reaching the set work time, the machine stop and withdraw the work piece, by switching off the manual handler to unload the work piece.
2.  Main Technical Parameters
--Abrasive wheel motor power£º22KW 
   work piece motor power£º0.75KW x 2
   reciprocate motor power£º0.37KW x 2
--Main shaft speed£º2160RPM£»
   work piece speed£º28-140RPM(adjustable);
--Air source pressure£º0.5-0.8Mpa£»
--Chuck holding type£ºvacuum suction
--Valide work piece dimension:
  pot body£º¡Ü¦µ400 mm x 300 mm (dia.xH)£»
  pot bottom/pot cover£º¡Ü¦µ400 mm x 50 mm (dia.xH)£»
--Abrasive wheel size£º¡Ü¦µ430 mm x 330 mm (dia.xthickness)£»
--Dimension£º3500mm x 1850mm x1500 mm (LxWxH)
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