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1.   Features:
This polishing machine is a semi-auto machine, but easy to operate, safe and efficient. It uses linen or cloth polish wheel, suitable for stainless steel and aluminum material made round shape ware, can process upper and lower edge. The operation flow is very easy, just place the work piece to the vacuum mould, adjust the space, press the button and go.
2.   Main Technical Parameters:
--Max. Dia. of polishing wheel: ¡Ü§¶200mm
--Max. Work piece Dia. ¡Ü§¶320mm
--Max. Height of work piece: ¡Ü250mm
--Rotary speed of polishing wheel: 2900RPM
--Work piece rotary speed: 28-140RPM
--Polishing wheel thickness: ¡Ü60mm
--Polisher motor power: 4Kw. 2900RPM
--Work piece motor Power: 0.75Kw  1440RPM
--Polishing wheel vertical movement air cylinder limit: 50mm
--Polishing wheel horizontal movement air cylinder limit: 100mm
--Dimension: 1550x850x1800mm
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