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As the replacement of the 2MB4140¡ªA. the Polisher 2MB4140 ¡ªC is the third generation of the 2MB4140 series. The new model inhedted  characteristics of the 2MB4140¡ªA, but is more optimized in its structure, and can be used to rough polishing, finishing polishing and 11nall¡¯m  polishing of all kinds of gyroidal-shape metal ware. Parameters such as polishing length, reciprocating stroke, polishing time ect. Are adjustable or can be set as automatic control. Convenient manipulation, reliable performance, low noise, and brightness of the surface of the polished object, and stable quality of the products, are the main features of this polisher.  With its main mechanical properties and technical standards equal to or even well above peer products, this polisher is regarded as the reasonable polishing equipment in metal ware industry.

Main Technical Parameters:
  --Main Motor £¨for the Abrasive Wheel)  
  --Power:11kw¡Á2 Workpiece Motor Power:0.75KW¡Á2  
  --Workpiece Reciprocating Motor Power:0.37KW¡Á2  
  --Speed of Main Spindle:2160R/M  
  --Speed of Workpiece:28-140R/M(Adjustable)  
  --Pressure of Compressed Air Source:0.5-0.8Mpa  
  --Workpiece Holding:Vacuum Adsorption  
  --Size of Workpiece:Pan Body: ¡Ü400mm¡Á350mm£¨Diameter¡ÁHeight£©  
  --Pan Bottom: ¡Ü400mm¡Á50mm£¨Diameter¡ÁHeight£©  
  --Diameter of the Abrasive Wheel:¡Ü430mm¡Á330mm£¨Diameter¡ÁThickness£©  
  --Shape Size of Machine:¡Ü3575mm¡Á1256mm¡Á1275m(L¡ÁW¡ÁH£©
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